Thank you!

Thanks to everyone who supported, attended, and organized this year’s Toronto Disability Pride March

TDPM organizing Committee:

Melissa Graham

Janet Rodriguez

Kevin Jackson

Stephanie Wolkin-Friedman

Special thanks to:

Kathryn Church and Paris Master-McRae, of Ryerson University. Thank

you for the much appreciated space needed for our meetings and events.

Thank you also for the support you’ve given us over the last 4 years, and

hopefully for many years to come. The School of Disability Studies has

always been major supporter of TDPM, and we are grateful to you.

Thank you to ERDCO – for supporting this March (With advertising,

and the banner and chant making events).

Thank you to IS Canada for all of your support as well.

TDPM special projects team:

Kim Collins (Social Media Editor)

Bill Gascon: (Swag coordinator) (i.e these awesome buttons)

Nicole Meehan (Media Documentarian & Captioning editor)

Charles Silverman: Accessibility consultant and trainer

Please feel free to share your ideas and suggestions for next year. You can also join our facebook group at

There is also an important event coming up this week to defend the Community Start Up and Maintenance Benefit, check it out and attend if you can:

Thank you all for coming and we’ll see you again next year!

person carrying Happy Disability Pride! Sign


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