TDPM 2020 Update

Hi everyone, Melissa here. A couple of months ago TDPM made the decision to hold this year’s march online on Saturday, September 19th. Although things seem to be opening up, keeping the march online this year still seems like the safest and most inclusive approach.
We’ve been asked a couple of times why the march does not take place on Disability Pride Day in July. I’d like to take a moment to address that, because I think it speaks to an important part of what TDPM stands for. Disability Pride Day was started in the United States as a celebration of the Americans with Disabilities Act, and a history of parades that followed its passing.
Perhaps it’s a worthy discussion whether there is some solidarity to be found in this celebration, but here are my thoughts. TDPM started out of the Occupy Movement, in direct contrast to the idea that government will save us out of the goodness of their hearts. In 2020, when disabled people are losing their lives to police violence and state neglect, this perspective seems critically important.
With that in mind, it also seems important that the voices we hear from be the voices most directly impacted by these issues. In other words, I’m asking any potential speaker who identifies as white, including myself, to step back and listen this year.
At the same time I recognize that those same voices do not have a responsibility to teach white people.
My question to the community is this, what do we need to say this year?If you’re interested in speaking, please contact me.

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